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Beef Suckler Club

We always want to improve the service we offer clients, so we launched the Beef Suckler Club

What Is The Beef Suckler Club?

Our Beef Suckler Club offers great value with a saving of over £125* per year if you take advantage of all the benefits!


*Minimum savings £125 compared to the same visits for a non-club member, true savings are likely to be higher given all of the added bonuses of being in the club


For a fixed price of £42 (ex VAT) per month (payable via direct debit) you will receive the below:

1 x Pre-Breeding Examination

This is essential to ensure that your bull is fighting fit and ready to work before the breeding season commences. It is recommended that every bull is tested every year around 6-8 weeks before he is required to be used. Additional bulls tested will be charged at reduced rates (the more you test, the cheaper the tests will work out at!) and will be payable with your next monthly bill.


A Farm Specific Herd Health Plan

An hours time for Heard Health Planning and herd planning for the upcoming year. It’s important document to assist in the running of your farm (and an essential requirement to comply with most ‘Farm Assurance’ schemes). Rather than just being a ‘tick box’ requirement, this document should ideally be seen as a dynamic document not only summarising the running of your farm, but also viewed as an evolving process, allowing us to record and monitor important aspects of your farm’s management e.g. fertility, calf growth rates etc.


1 Hours Time

Ideally this hour-long visit would be used for one of the following; scanning your cows for pregnancy, heifer synchronisation, building ventilation assessment.

For visits extending over the hours’ time, additional time will be charged to your next monthly bill.

This hour could be used for alternative purposes e.g. disbudding calves, castrating calves, blood sampling animals etc.


1 In Hours Visit Fee

One in hour free visit fee! Please note this is the visit fee only, time will be chargeable.​

2 Worm Egg Count (WEC) Samples

Run through our in house laboratory, you will receive  2 WEC samples, and a 10% discount on subsequent WECs​



A designated vet (in hours, where possible) to carry out your visits and access to their work mobile number for advice. This means that there is always a point of contact for you that knows you and your farm well. Working alongside your routine vet we can create a bespoke, personalised service specific to your farms needs.

A discounted hourly rate for all visits which are in addition to your pre-paid club visits.

Access to discounted seasonal fly and worming products when ordered via your designated vet.

Free access to quarterly beef focused client meetings (non-members £5 per person, per meeting)

5% off of ‘VetTech’ Time


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