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Herd Health Management

All routine dairy clients that are milk recording receive a quarterly performance report

Reports include several indices including yield, cell count and calving interval which are then benchmarked against other NMR herds of a similar size or level of production.


For more in-depth data analysis, we offer ‘Herd Pride Plus’ which is a monthly herd health report. This involves the use of a program called Total Vet which can be used to look at areas including fertility and mastitis in much more detail. Total Vet is also compatible with on-farm data recording programs including Interherd and Sum-It.


We also use a tool called Vet Impress to help us with our herd health planning. Using Vet Impress, we have designed our own annual antibiotic review which is now a red tractor requirement. This details total antibiotic use for a farm in mg/PCU (the international standard) and also splits it down into the different classes of antibiotics including CIAs (Critically Important Antibiotics). (link to responsible use of antibiotics page from here)

What Do Routine Preventative Health Visits Involve?

  • Early pregnancy diagnosis, ageing and sexing of embryos using portable scanners
  • Fertility work with non-pregnant cows to include:
    • Routine fertility data monitoring using your farm data and Total Vet data
    • Post-natal checks
    • Non-seen bullers
    • Repeat service cows
  • Replacement heifer monitoring: colostrum uptake, growth rate and pregnancy rates
  • Nutritional assessment using on-farm ketone tests, metabolic profiles and body condition scoring
  • Infectious disease control, parasite planning & biosecurity
  • Milk buyer assessments such as mobility, cow comfort, condition scoring, metabolic disease incidence, housing assessments and medicine use.
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