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Dedicated to working with sheep farmers to increase flock health management

Our vets are farm specific, completing 100% farm animal work, so there is a great deal of sheep experience in the practice.


We work with all size flocks from the small scale pedigree flock to the larger commercial units. We have a number of vets with a specific interest in sheep and are able to offer either a small holder club or flock health scheme depending on your needs.


We are dedicated to working with you to get the most from your flock. Our flock health management plans are tailor made to suit you and are Red Tractor compliant.


We have a large in-house laboratory available, meaning that faecal samples can be rapidly analysed for worms, fluke and coccidia.

Sheep Services For Farmers

  • 24 hour emergency service with 2 dedicated farm vets on call during all out of hours periods.
  • Ram fertility examinations.
  • Pre-lambing advice and training.
  • Breeding strategy advice. 
  • Infectious disease surveillance & management.
  • Parasite control testing and advice.
  • Flock health planning
  • Antibiotic use/advice

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Preparation for lambing starts way back before tupping



For most sheep clients, lambing is the busiest time of the year and prior preparation can lead to improvements in your lambing percentage and lamb growth rates

Flock Health Management Plans

Flock Health Management Plans

Our aim is to produce active dynamic Flock Health Plans for your flock

Flock Health Club

Flock Health Club

The Scarsdale Vets Flock Health Club is the easy way to break down veterinary consultancy costs on a range of flock issues

Flock Club Offers & Events

Flock Club Offers & Events

Explore the latest special offers and upcoming events, exclusively for Flock Health Club Members

Flock Advisory Work

This includes control of flock problems, lameness, abortion, ill-thrift in lambs and much more.

These visits usually entail the sampling of several ewes to try to ascertain a ‘flock picture’ of the diseases circulating.

Such sampling visits can then form the basis of a flock health plan. Sheep with lambing difficulties may require a caesarean section which if carried out at an early stage has a good prognosis for both ewe and lamb.

Flock Health Plans

Our Flock Health Plans can cover all aspects of sheep husbandry including breeding, lameness, nutrition, worming and vaccination and will be designed to increase production, improve welfare and be cost effective. Our close association with Nottingham University and the Veterinary Laboratories Agency (VLA) allows us to also offer specialist advice and post-mortem examination.

Join The Flock Health Club

Download and complete the Flock Health Club application form below.


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