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Rearing Dairy Calves

We offer a full range of services for managing youngstock health

The route of many problems comes back to colostrum management.


We can help with both testing of colostrum to assess its quality and testing of calves to see how much colostrum they have received. Both of these factors are essential for giving calves the best, healthiest start to life as possible.


Our onsite lab can be used in the investigation of calf scour outbreaks meaning that we can quickly find out what the problem is.


We also have hospitalisation facilities which allow us to provide intensive care to the sick and dehydrated calf.

Calf Pneumonia Investigation

We offer a full Calf Pneumonia investigation package, including building ventilation assessment, blood testing, and vaccination protocols to help prevent pneumonia outbreaks in the first place and can also provide treatment protocols for sick calves.

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